Is Rosie Just as Dangerous as Mahmoud?

Is American talk show host Rosie O’Donnell just as dangerous as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? This is partially a joke, but it is part of a larger question I want to raise; Are the people who discount the threat of terrorism (perticularly when those people hold power or influence) just as dangerous as the terrorists themselves? Obviously the terrorists are the ones with the intent to do harm, but if Americans do not beleive that the terrorists pose a threat, then the government is less likely to take action, and government in-action allows terrorists to continue to plot and plan, and eventually attack. This is a country where media figures carry a great deal of influence, and media figures could very well affect how people think about world affairs. I am not saying that our celebreties need to be at the front of the war on terror, but when they openly discount or play down the threat of terrorists (as Rosie has done a few times), does that make them equally as dangerous?


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