$23 million – $2.5 million = a lot of money

One of the great things about winning the “money primary” is that it generates huge amounts of positive press and brings your name to the front – particularly when you have just pulled an upset. Mitt Romney’s $23 million in primary funds has drawn a lot of attention to his campaign, almost all of it will help in getting Mitt’s name out there. However, one of the things that keeps coming up is the $2.5 million dollar donation Mitt made to his own campaign. Some people have tried to spin this as a sign of weakness, it is not. It is true that Mitt Romney did make a $2.5 million contribution to his own exploratory committee, but he did so at the very begining of his candidacy, he used it as “seed money” to get his campaign moving. Shortly after that, he raised a huge $6.5 million dollars in a one-day fundraising push.

Romney made a donation to his campaign, yes, but he raised more than $20 million from donors – with the average contribution only being $608. Romney is on a roll, and this could provide the boost Romeny needs.


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