Fred Thompson Needs to Decide

Now that most polls are including Fred Thompson in their polls, even though he has not even formed an exploratory committee, I think it is fair to say that Thompson needs to make a decision ASAP. He is taking support, but is not open to criticism because he is not running, any candidate who sees Thompson as a threat can not make a move agaisnt him without looking weak. Thompson has no exploratory committee, has no committed fundraisers, no money, no staff, and is facing a shrinking pool of donors and campaign staff. To me, that does not look like a candidate-to-be, yet he continues to be treated like he is declaring next week. Thompson needs to decide: either declare, and be forced to campaign and face criticisim like every other candidate, or make it clear that he is not running, and remove the uncertainty.



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2 responses to “Fred Thompson Needs to Decide

  1. Jack

    Fred can’t announce until the current season of L&O runs its course. I see an announcement sometime shortly after, maybe around Memorial Day.

    As far as Mitt goes (fair or unfair) he can’t carry the South and no Republican Presidential Candidate is going to win without the South.

    Secondly how much party faithful support can he have when someone with no organization, has spent no money can out poll him just by mentioning he is thinking of running.

    Mitt’s a good guy and someday maybe he will get his chance, but I think the ‘Hilderbeast’ would eat him alive.

    I am thinking a Thompson/Watts ticket would kick any pairing of ‘Defeat-o-crats’ could put up!


  2. I wrote a little blurb about Fred in a post I wrote about two weeks ago. I am interested in him, more than those that have announced. If you would like to check it out here is the link:


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