Romney Can Beat Hillary

Why is it that some people do not believe Mitt Romney can beat Hillary Clinton in a general election? I’m not sure, but there seem to be a good number of people who do not believe that Romney could hold his own against Senator Clinton. Here is a small sample, taken from the comments section of the ROTR run-off poll:

He will nto run well in the south and will get stumped by Hillary in the general election.

This message came without any explanation or evidence as to why Romney would be “stumped by Hillary”, so I can’t say exactly what the writer is basing his argument on. From what I have seen, Romney is doing pretty well in the polls. In the latest polls for important states like New Hampshire and Iowa, Romney is polling just a few points behind the frontrunner. In a head-to-head race between Romney and Hillary, Rasmussen has Romney trailing by single digits.

So why is it that people do not think much of Romney’s chances? Its hard to say, but I beleive it may have something to do with his Mormonism. Some people do not (or do not want to) believe that Romney is an “electable” candidate. These people are in danger of making the same mistake that the Democrats made in 2004 – choosing a candidate based on electability. Ignoring Romney’s experience, ideas, plan, and views, and instead accepting the “he can’t be elected” arguement would, in my opinion, be a very large, and costly, mistake for the Republican party.

Rather than voting for a candidate based on his “electability”, lets look at his positions and his record. This is the most important thing, and it also happens to be an area where Romney wins hands-down. No other major Republican candidate has the same type of executive experience that Romney has. No other candidate has the experience in dealing with a heavily Democratic legislature. No other candidate has successfully turned around three major bodies (A major corporation, the Olympics, and the state of Massachusetts). No other candidate has presented such a developed plan to turn around the America’s budget situation. Romney has all of these, and more, and he is the best candidate for the GOP in 2008.

One last word on electability: Romney managed to get himself elected in a state that is only 18% Republican. I see no reason why he should have any trouble in a country that is pretty evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.


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  1. ken

    Just let the debates begin and the real golden boy (Romney) will start to shine! It will be too bright that Hillary will flinch and blinded!

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