Nancy Pelosi’s World Tour

Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, but she seems to think she is Secretary of State. This week, she directly challenged the President’s authority to set foreign policy by meeting with Syrian President Dictator Bashar Al-Assad. While Congressmen do have the right to travel abroad, Nancy Pelosi made an extremely poor decision when she decided to undermine the official position of the United States government.

For decades, we have, as a nation held the position that we do not negotiate with terrorists. This has been our position since the Reagan administration, and like it or not, Assad is a terrorist. He may not kill people himself, but he continues to fund and support terrorist organizations that launch attacks on innocent men, women, and children. For Nancy Pelosi to meet with Assad, without any change in behavior from the Syrian government undermines the position of the United States and sends the wrong message to the Islamic Extremists. We cannot continue to pressure and isolate rouge governments if Liberals keep meeting with their leaders.

Like it or not, it is the Presidentwho sets our international policy. The President has chosen to work to isolate murderous nations like Syria, and it is unacceptable for members of Congress to openly and publicly challenge this policy by meeting with terrorists. A few months ago, I called for Florida Senator Bill Nelson to resign for meeting with terrorist leaders like Assad, and I will say the same for all Congressmen, regardless of their party who went on this trip. To meet with the leaders of a terrorist supporting country is ill-advised and unacceptable. The United States has made it quite clear what Syria must do if it wants diplomatic relations with the United States, and it is not Pelosi’s job to change or ignore those demands.

Linked at: Right on the Right


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