Political Correctness Gone to Extremes

Terrorism is a big threat in this country, and schools need to be prepared in the event of an attack. However, I think one New Jersey High School has gone too far be portraying the terrorists as Christian Fundamentalists. It seems that the police department and school worked together to create a scenario that went something like this:

A father, along with members of a group calling itself  “New Crusaders” storm into the High School with weapons and take hostages. All this because the father’s daughter was expelled for praying before school.

As to why the school would ever see a situation where a person would be expelled for praying, I have no idea, although that may be something to look into. The larger issue is the fact that the terrorists were made to be Christian. This is taking Political Correctness to the extremes. We are under threat from terrorists in this country, and there are such things as Christian terrorists, but they are not the ones we are under threat from. There is, weather the Liberals like it or not, a good profile of an Al-Qaeda terrorist. The type of terrorist we are fighting is likely to be younger Arab males who are likely living in lower economic circumstances. If we lived in Ireland, where there is a history of Christian terrorists, the above situation may be more likely, but in this county, it is ridiculous. I have to question why the police even say the need to develop such a complex scenario, particularly when it could be so controversial. They say they did not want to offend anyone, so why not make the  terrorists escaped convicts or even Neo-Nazis?


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