Fireworks on Fox News

I don’t normally watch the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News, but last night’s show turned into a shouting match between O’Reilly and Geraldo Riviera. It all revolved around the story of a drunk illegal immigrant who hit and killed two teenage girls. Here is the video:

Now, first allow me to state that I’m mainly with O’Reilly on this. Geraldo does have one good point, at it’s very heart, this is about drunk driving, but he is wrong on most other points that he made. To call O’Reilly stance a cheap political shot is over the line. Illegal immigration is a problem, and the primary focus of our government should be enforcement of our laws, not compassion for impoverished Mexicans.

O’Reilly made the point that this man was not deported, and that helped to contribute to this tragedy. We continue to turn our backs in this country while illegal aliens flood accross our southern border, take jobs, and fail to blend into society. It is way past time that we adopt a nation ID card system, or something along those lines. We need a fool-proof way to determine who is here legally and who is not. We do not have to deport illegal all illegal immigrants in this country. With the addoption of an ID card system, illegals would find themselves unable to find jobs or homes, unable to receive welfare, and unable to enroll in schools or receive non-emergency medical care. If we totally remove the attractiveness of our country to illegal aliens, they will stop coming, and the ones who are here will leave.

Cracking down on illegals and those who help or employ them is the only way to solve the problem. We have seen that amnesty did not work when we tried it in the 1980’s, and there is no reason to think that the results would be any different today.


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