Easter Quick Post

First off, Happy Easter! Weather this is a day to celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection or just an excuse to eat candy, enjoy your holiday. I have just a few small items to post about:

> My main domain (www.act-blog.co.nr) is not working, I have no idea why. The site that acts as my domain host is also down, so I can’t contact them. I will just let the problem fix itself. Blogging will be reduced until the domain goes back online, I can’t justify regular blogging levels when I am only getting eight readers a day.

> The Pope made some rather disturbing (and incorrect) remarks regarding Iraq. He suggested that there is no progress being made in that country. This is of course wrong, deaths are way down, terrorists are dying or running, and we are steadily gaining the trust of the Iraqis.

> The terrorist thug Al-Sadr does not seem ready just yet to give up, he has called for attacks on Americans.

> Mitt Romney is continuing his “ask Mitt anything” tour, answering any and all questions the audience can throw at him. He is still tied in New Hampshire for first, and is just 4% behind in Iowa. He is a great candidate and will hopefully be the next President. Although, he did manage to embarrass himself slightly, making some comments relating to his history as a hunter that turned out to be a little less than true. Basically, he got tripped up, not anything that will damage his candidacy in the long run.

> Some people are still speculating on a presidential bid by Fred Thompson, although others are raising concerns that he is a “reluctant candidate”, raising questions about his dedication to the run and possibly, the job itself.

> The Detroit Red Wings (hockey) ended the regular season by defeating the Chicago Blackhawks. They will take first place in the Western Conference, although they lost the President’s trophy to Buffalo. GO WINGS!


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