America is at War

America is at war. It is a war of ideologies, it is a war of values, It is a war for influence, and it is a war for survival. We are fighting for out survivial and our future as a free country.

This war is nothing new, It started in the late 1970s with the overthrow of the shah of Iran, if not before that. America did not start this war, It was started by combination of radicalized Islamic clerics and brainwashed students who blindly followed those clerics. However, while America did not start this war, its future, and its end, is our choice. There are several ways we can lose this war, but very few ways we can win it. This does not mean that we’re at a disadvantage, It just means that we must be extremely careful when choosing what to do next. This war can be lost any number of ways, complacency, defeatism, and compromise with the Islamic terrorists,will lead to defeat in this war. America and other nations learned the hard way in the 1940s that you can’t compromise with madman.

I said there were very few ways that we could win this war, but there’s really only one: Dedication. We must be dedicated to strength, we must be dedicated to freedom, we must be dedicated to democracy, and we must be dedicated to winning. We must elect strong leaders, and we must make sure we have a strong military effort should it ever be needed. We also must be dedicated to the democratic ideals that this country is based on. We have to send a message to the terrorists, saying “we are right, you are wrong, and democracy is better than oppression.” We must not be fooled into believing that Islamic extremism, particularly what is controlling an entire country, is somehow acceptable. These people we are fighting against are killers. They have killed thousands of innocent men, women, and children, and openly called for the murder of thousands of others. That is one of the reasons why I am so baffled when people like Pelosi and Bill Nelson go and meet with people who support these murderous thugs. Radical Islam and peaceful democracy will never coexist peacefully on this planet, and it is unlikely that we will ever be able to convert, on any large scale, the terrorists. By the time these people are taking up arms against United States, they have already been brain washed for too long. There’s only one way to defeat the current terrorists, and that is to kill them or imprison them for life.


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