Is Fred Thompson Finished?

He has been treated like a savior of the Republican Party, the candidate who would oppose “Rudy McRomney” and win the nomination. Fred Thompson has received a lot of press in the past couple of months, and his supporters have been calling him the “true conservative” and predicting his entrance into the race would kill the Romney campaign. New revelations from 1994 may severely damage these claims.

The emergence of Thompson onto the Presidential field came as something of a supprise. I guess you can say it started last November when George Allen, an early pick for the 2008 Republican Nomination, lost his re-election bid. The favorite now out of the Race, the Republican began searching for a new guy to support. It had long been suspected that Mitt Romney and John McCain would run, and there was much speculation surrounding Rudy Giuliani, Giuliani confirmed he was running soon after the election. These three would become the top candidates, but none seemed to be the “perfect conservative”; Giuliani was liberal on social issues, McCain had falling outs with Conservative Christians, and a reputation as a rebel, and Romney had once changed positions on important social issues like abortion. Then came news that former Senator Fred Thompson was considering a run. Although Thompson had been out of politics for years, and held few accomplishments to his name, many hailed him as the solid-record Conservative who should win the nomination, but recent revelations show that Thompson, too, was pro-abortion in (who knew?) 1994. That is the same year in which then Senate candidate Mitt Romney promised to protect “a woman’s right to choose.” Gov. Romney has been ridiculed by his opponents for his comments, but little attention has been drawn to Thompson’s call for the government to continue to allow abortion. Until now.

With these new developments, it seems unlikely that Thompson’s supporters will honestly be able to continue touting Thompson as the only “true” Conservative or the like, removing the main reason for a Thompson candidacy. We will see weather or not Thompson will run, but certainly any issue-related advantage he held over the other candidates has now been erased.

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