POLL ALERT: Romney win South Carolina Straw Poll

I recently spoke about South Carolina acting as a bellwether for Mitt Romney. This heavily Evangelical State will help to determine how much support Romney enjoys among Conservative Christians, the group that forms the majority of the Republican party. There have recently been some very good signs for Romney in that state. It began a few weeks ago when Romney won a student straw poll, and continued with a 9% jump in a recent Fox News poll. The run continued yesterday with another staw poll win. This was a county poll. The results: 

Romney: 36

Giuliani: 24

Gingrich: 18

F. Thompson: 14

McCain: 5

Huckabee: 2

Tancredo: 2

Hunter: 1

T. Thompson: 1

 Straw Poll results can be misleading, as they are generally easier to influence, but these results seem to be consistant with both other straw polls and survey polls. They show that Romney is increasing his lead wile McCain slowly falls from grace. Great job Mitt!


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