Romney has “Mittmentum”

So I might be creating my own words today, but Mitt Romney definitely has something going. Weather the events are related or not, I’m not sure, but Romney has been raking in good polling news ever since he won the GOP “Money Primary” earlier this month. It started in Iowa, where polls show Romney to be down by just 4% among likely Republican Caucus-goers. The good news continued in New Hampshire, the first primary in the country, where Romney is now tied with McCain for first place. Support for Romney is apparently contagious, because his support in South Carolina, another important state, is also up by a considerable margin. The progress in South Carolina started with a statewide poll that showed Romney nearly trippling his support. The good news continued, with Romney winning not one, but four straw polls by decent margins. The good news continued in national polls, with Romney making significant gains in both the ARG and Rasmussen polls.


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