Finally, America Has a Supreme Court

Finally, America has a Supreme Court. We no longer have a group of nine in black robes who modify the words of the Constitution at will, but we actually have a Supreme Court that will interpret the words of the Constitution and the will of its writers. In case you are unaware of today’s developments, I am refering to the decision announced by SCOTUS to uphold the ban on partial-birth abortions. We are finally making the critical first steps towards overturning Roe v. Wade.

It is troubling that he court seems to still recognize abortion as a Constitutional right, but this is progress. It will undobutedly take longer before we make major strides against sanctioned slaughter of innocents, we will need another pro-life justice, which seems unlikely to come until the next President takes office – at the earliest. Still, it is a victory for all of those who see life as valuable.


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  1. John Cronin


    There have been many times during the last decade when I wondered whether I would ever see this headline.

    Thanks largely to the then Republican Congress and to President Bush for signing the bill and for the courage to nominate Roberts and Alito to the Court.

    The chinks in the abortion industry’s armor are finally being discovered. I felt the last two Presidential elections were critically important, and for just this reason. If a Democrat had nominated the last two candidates for the SCOTUS, how do you think today’s vote (if it had even come up) would have gone?

    Congratulations to everyone involved in the pro life movement, from the grassroots level on up to the White House.

    Now, let’s ELECT ROMNEY IN 2008 to make sure we finish the job!

    ~~John Cronin~~

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