Gun Control

It has not yet fully developed, but it seems that one of the results of the shootings at Virginia Tech will be a gun control debate. It also appears that there may be substantial arguments in favor of loosening restrictions on guns. One of these arguments is that allowing those with CCW permits to carry guns while on college campuses could protect innocent lives. Those favoring more control over guns use the argument that the harder guns are to purchase, the less likely it is that mass shootings will occur.

Like the majority of Republicans, I support the Constitutional right to bear arms. I believe that guns are important to many people, and that guns are no more a cause of violence than a piece of rope. Both are intended to be used for a certain purpose(s), but both can be improperly used, and both can cause death. When was the last time Democrats talked about rope control, or bleach control, or bat control?

I find valid arguments on both sides. I agree that a legally armed teacher of student at Virginia Tech  could have ended the gunman’s rampage before he had a chance to kill 32 people. There is definitely a valid argument to allow guns to be carried on college campuses. That said, I would not be opposed to the implementation of certain restrictions that would require extra screening for those with a history of mental illness before being allowed to purchase a weapon.

This tragedy at Virginia Tech has brought the gun debate back to the front, and there are valid points to be made on both sides. The important things is ensuring the safety of innocents while protecting Constitutional rights.


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