Name-Calling From Brownback Supporters

As usual, taxes are an important issue issue in the election. This is the way it should be, but some people are using a very valid issue to make cheap political shots, without any real substance behind the name-calling. Blogs 4 Brownback has published an article relating to Brownback’s support for the flat-tax, which would eliminate the current progressive tax system we have today. The article is correct in the saying the Brownback is a proponent of the flat-tax, and also correct in saying that Romney is not a supporter of the proposal. However, that is where fact stops and name-calling begins. In the title of the article, Romney is called a “flathead”, and other lines also refer to him as a RINO, as well as making a cheap remark about Romney’s supposed “flip-flopping.” These attacks are not only in poor taste, but are flat wrong.

First, I want to address the primary issue of the article, taxes. While Romney is not a supporter of the flat-tax, his position on taxes is extremely conservative in nature. Not only has he been a strong proponent of extending the Bush tax cuts, but he managed to turn around the state of Massachusetts without raising taxes. Even more than that, he went head-to-head with a Democratic legislature on taxes, managing to turn a proposed $250 million tax hike into a $250 million tax refund. Romney and Brownback do not see eye-to-eye on taxes, but both are conservatives on the issue. The assertion that Romney is a RINO simply because he is not a Brownback clone is 100% wrong.

Secondly, I am going to address the insults issued by the Brownback supporters on the site. For one, calling Romney a “flathead” is childish. I ran a quick dictionary look-up on the term, and came up with this:

flathead any of several scorpaenoid fishes of the family Platycephalidae, chiefly inhabiting waters of the Indo-Pacific region and used for food.

certainly a strange term to call the former govorner of Massachusetts. Second is the refrence to Romney as a “RINO” (Republican In Name Only). It is true that Mitt Romney once held positions outside of the GOP mainstream, and that he has shifted rightward over the past few years, but to refer to him as a RINO is incorrect. Romney has clearly stated, and proved, his conservative positions on important issues. This includes gay marriage, taxes, abortion, the war, and several other key issues. I also take issue with the “flip-flopper” charge. This is a common charge by those who would like to beleive that Romeny is still running with his 1994 positions. Even using the most generous deffinition of a flip-flopper, you will have trouble classifying Romney into that category. Romney only changed position once, and he remains dedicated to his now-held Conservative positions.

Certainly, Blogs 4 Brownback has every right to express their opinions, but I would advise them to drop the childish name-calling and stick to relevent issues, preferably accompanied by facts relating to each candidate’s current positions. If one of the writers at Blogs 4 Brownback would like to defend the article in a post, I will be happy to post it on my site.



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5 responses to “Name-Calling From Brownback Supporters

  1. Seriously, cry me a river, welcome to politics. If you are going to attack Blogs 4 Brownback, you might as well attack every major conservative news source in the nation which agrees Romney is an unprincipled flip flopper. And anyone who is unwilling to admit it is just plainly ignorant.

  2. I can’t say it much better than Billy just did. Flathead doesn’t mean what you think and flip-flopper only stings if it’s true.

    You do realize that the Democrat nominee will be much meaner than any Brownback supporter will ever approach. Consider criticism from B4B as practice for the real thing should Romney get the nomination….

    May the best man win!

  3. IT was not just the flip-flopping accusations that I took issue with. And, if you read my blog, you will notice that I have criticized all people calling Romney a “flip-flopper” in several posts.

    Romney is not a flipper-flopper, because he only changed positions once on some socials issues. This was part of a larger rightward shift that is visible in his comments on abortion from 1994 to now:

    1994: “I will defend a woman’s right to choose”
    2002: “No changes to abortion law”
    2007: Against abortion.

    Compare Romney to John Kerry (the king of flip-floppers). Kerry changed positions again and again and again depending on public opinion. He was undecisive, unable to take a strong stance on important matters relating to the military. Romney made a gradual shift, becoming more Conservative. You are really going to put them into the same boat?

    As for politics, you may disagree with me, but politics is issues and discussions about them. Politics is not the childish name-calling that that blog reduced itself to. What that is, is scum.

  4. Well, the flathead comment was a JOKE, I was poking some fun at the blog article. There was supposed to a picture of Romney, with a fish face instead of his own with the comment, but my image program crashed.

    Oh, yeah, the Democrats will be worse, and I am confident that Romney can overcome them to. But I have a big issue when a fellow Conservative resorts to these baseless insults.

  5. Oh, well I do hope you get your image program working again. If only I were so inspired!

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