Virginia Tech Update

Two days after the Virginia Tech shootings, two days after a madman killed thirty two innocent people, two days after a nation stood infront of their televisions in shock and grief, we are hearing about the herroism of some of the teachers and students. We hear of a teacher who stood infront of a door and died to allow student to escape. We hear about a student who treated his own gunshot wounds while he waited for help to arrive. We see the pictures of students helping and comforting each other, and of the police who ran into the building to help evacuate the wonded and dying.

Yesterday, after watching the crowd at the memorial service chant “Lets Go Hokies”, I cannot help but be remined of the “USA!, USA!” chant after 9/11. In both cases, there was evil, there were heros, and there was grief than turned into a greater sence of community strength. People heal better when they have each other, and when they know that others are praying for them.


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