Hillary Clinton and the Usual Demo-speak

Well, Hillerbilly…er…Hillary Clinton has been stumping around Iowa looking for votes. As usual, the speech was filled with the typicl Demo-speak we are used to hearing. Here is the breakdown of some important parts. Lines inside the quote boxes are her words, text below is mine.

“I can’t think of a better cheerleader for America than Bill Clinton can you?”

Actually Senator, I can. Bill Gates, George H.W. Bush, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Condi Rice, Colin Powell, and a whole host of others are better choices for a global ambassador than a President who’s biggest accomplishment is avoiding impeachment.

That’s precisely what America needs in the wake of a war in Iraq that’s left America isolated and hated throughout much of the world.

I wish Clinton would have defined “much of the world”, If I remember correctly, soldiers from England, Poland, Japan, Australia, Romania, Italy, and others all either are or have served in Iraq. I know that France’s Euro-Hippies are not happy with us, and I know that the Islamic Extremist idiots don’t like us, but other than that, I think the world still likes America. Even if they don’t, France and Russia should not be dictating our foreign policy. What is important for America is important for America, weather the world likes us or not, we have to do what has to be done to protect our country and our freedom.

Rich people didn’t make American great, it was the middle class who made this country great.

Well, yes and no. It was the rich who made America what it is today. Most of the founding fathers were considerably well-off, so, it was, in a way, the rich who made the country great. However, I get Clinton’s point, and I can agree that the middle class have significantly contributed to the economy.

“They have shown contempt for our government,”

This line does not make a lot of sense. Obviously, its Demo-speak, so reasonable people do have trouble understanding it, but to my knowledge, the Bush Administration has done nothing, and has been convicted of nothing illegal. Compared to the Congressional Democrats, who have made blatant attempts to seize power from the President in an unconstitutional manner, the President has done a perfect job of following the Constitution.

Clinton also said she would raise taxes for the wealthy, who she said “aren’t paying their fair share.”

I disagree very much with this statement. If my memory is correct, the top 2% pay something like 40% of the taxes. The wealthiest pay the most while receiving the least. If anything, the rich pay too much.


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