The VT shooting: Was There an Islamic Connection?

I hate to speculate about tragic events like the shootings at Virginia Tech, but I feel that questions need to be asked. One of these questions is, “was there a connection to radical Islam?” There has been no evidence that the shooter was a Muslim, or even that he ever had any contact with Muslims, but I see some very disturbing similarities between his actions and the actions of say, a suicide bomber. First, look at the video he made. He is alone, posing with the weapons he used in the attack and reading off his manifesto, explaining what he is about to do and why he is doing it. This is extremely similar to the videos usually made by suicide bombers before killing themselves.

There also are similarities in his message and language. Firstly, he railed against the rich and Christians in his video sent to NBC. He also, in a text document sent with the video, refers to the Columbine High School attackers as “martyrs.” This kind of language is similar to what you see in suicide bombers and other Islamic extremists.

I see one more red flag, his personality and behavior. This guy was a loner, and was very secretive and private. He was mentally disturbed and had a lot of built-up anger. This could have made him a target for terrorist recruitors. His isolation would also have made it difficult for others to realize changes in behavior.

 I may be looking too far into this, but I would not be supprised if we learn of a connection to radical Islam.


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