Parental Notification of Educational Curriculum Should be Required

I was surfing some of the Conservative Blogs when I came across this poston Right on the Right. Essentially, America’s Liberal Education System is indoctrinating children into believing the Homosexuality is perfectly acceptable and natural. There is more to it than what Justin mentions as well. Schools teach about homosexuality, evolution, sexual education, and a number of other things, often only presenting one side of the debate. This does vary from school district to school district, but it is not unfair to say that schools have an unfair bias towards liberal opinions on controversial topics.

Schools are teaching these subject, and often without any real discussion or debate, and often against the wishes of the parents. Some parents do not know what their children are being taught, others do not have a way to prevent their children from hearing these lessons (schools do not always allow children to be excused from classes where these topics are being taught).

Since many of these controversial topics, or at least the way they are being taught in schools, run contrary to the way many parents wish for their children to be raised, I believe the American educational system needs to implement three changes:

  1. Do not teach children about controversial topics when they are not old enough to fully understand the subject, and are not mature enough to form their own opinions. You cannot teach second-graders about homosexuality without dumbing down the subject to an unacceptable point.
  2. Require schools to assemble cirriculuim reports on each class at the begining of the year, and make them available to parents when their children are registred, or at parent-teacher conferences. Pay special attention to controversial topics such as homosexuality and evolution. Make sure parents know when these topics will be taught, and allow them to have their child excused for the lesson without a decrease in credit.
  3. Require schools to present both sides of the issue for example, if you are going to teach about Homosexuality, also teach that many people see it as an unnatural and sinful lifestyle. Present both sides of the debate fairly, and allow children to form their own opinions based on their thoughts and the views of their household.

School is a place to learn about the three R’s. It is not the place to press political and social views on children, particularly at a young age where they are easily influenced and not yet developed enough to form their own opinions.

Linked at: Right on the Right, The Wide Awakes


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