POLL ALERT: Romney Wins Two More Straw Polls

Just a quick update today, but Mitt Romney has won the straw polls at the Greenville and Richland County Conventions. The Results:

Summary of the straw poll (421 votes cast):
Names in Italics attended and spoke at the convention

    Greenville County

Mitt Romney – 132 (31%)
Mike Huckabee – 111 (26%)
Duncan Hunter – 87 (21%)
Rudy Giuliani – 35 (8%)
Sam Brownback – 19 (4.5%)

John McCain – 17 (4%)
John Cox – 10 (2%)
Tom Tancredo – 5 (1%)
Tommy Thompson – 3 (<1%)
Ron Paul – 1 (<1%)
Jim Gilmore – 1 (<1%)

    Richland County Results

Romney – 50 (41%)
Brownback – 17 (14%)
Giuliani – 15 (12%)
McCain – 13 (11%)
Huckabee – 13 (11%)
Hunter – 10 (8%)
Cox – 2 (2%)

A great showing for Romney.



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3 responses to “POLL ALERT: Romney Wins Two More Straw Polls

  1. BSR

    A great showing for Romney? He’s spent almost $12 million in South Carolina. Huckabee has spent zero.


  2. dust


    Your comment is simply inaccurate and misleading. Romney spent 12 million across the country in the first quarter.

  3. Jay

    This is good news for Mitt as the big question mark in everybody’s minds regarding a Romney candidacy is how will he play with religious conservatives. He’s already able to say to Hillary and Obama ‘Anything you can do I can do better.’ and that will play to the northeast and the west, especially to independents. Will Southerners rally to Mitt? That has been the real question all along, and this is good to hear.

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