America Does Not Want Failure

If you listen to the news, you will hear alot of talk from Democrats on the Iraq War. The Libs in Congress are still trying to force through their plan to allow Al-Qaeda to take over the county. One of the biggest arguements used by the Anti-Victory Caucus is that they are simply following the will of an American Public who wanted change. They are partially correct, the voting public was unhappy with the way the war was going, but I do not believe that Americans want failure in Iraq. I do not believe that the voting public is willing to simply wave the white flag and leave the Iraq government to fall, and I do not believe that Americans are ready to allow the terrorists to win in Iraq.

Americans were dissatisfied with the war the Iraq, but they were dissatisfied because we were not winning fast enough. Americans want to win, we want victory, we want to kill the terrorist idiots who took the lives of so many of our young men and women. If Harry Reid thinks that giving the terrorists a date for our failure is adding “backbone” to our strategy, then he has another thing coming.



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3 responses to “America Does Not Want Failure

  1. gasdocpol

    Speaking of failure….

    Anyone who voted for GW Bush voted for someone who has basically gone through life, failing at everything he has ever done. What makes Bush stand out is the poise, aplomb and grace with which he fails. By dint of his ability to fail so gracefully , he has been able to take maximum advantage of the seemingly endless resources available to him and allowed him to be propped up for yet another failure. Anyone who doubts this , go back and look at his track record.

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  3. gasdocpol

    Whatever that last post means, I am sure that you are sincere. good luck

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