What Was McCain Thinking?

McCain seems to have just had a “what was he thinking?” moment. It seems like McCain was somehow asked about his feelings about the Ames Straw Poll, a straw poll held late in the primary season in Ames, Iowa.  Here was his responce:

“Would I prefer that there wasn’t an Iowa Straw Poll? Probably, because I could be doing other things. But that’s what the party wants and that’s what the party’s going to get.”

Now, not to be rude, but this was a stupid thing to say. Firstly, the Ames poll is a late straw poll and Iowa is the first caucus.  If this election becomes extremely close (as polls show it may be) Iowa could be a make-or-break state. The last thing a candidate wants to do, particularly when he already seems to be slipping, is express any sort of contempt for the state of Iowa. As for the “other things”, I would like to know what else McCain thinks he should be doing. He choose to run for President, and that means he should be willing to do all of the things expected of a Presidential candidate, including attending the Ames straw poll.


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