A Better Debate

tip off: Elect Romney in 2008

You can read about it HERE, but it looks like the second Republican debate could be much more interesting than the first. It seems that FOX News (the host network for the May 15 debate in S.C.) has a hand in deciding who gets to come, and they are laying some ground rules. Unlike the MSNBC “cattle call” style debate on May 3rd, where almost anyone is welcome, Fox’s standards could threaten 7 of the 10 candidates.

The rules are actually not that strict. Candidates must have filed the paperwork, paid the fees, and be polling at at least 1% on a consistant basis. The problem is, when you invite everybody, nobody gets enough time to actually make any progress. If the debate is cut to three, or even five, there would be much more substance. Lets face it, Ron Paul is not going to be the GOP nominee, and neither is Mike Huckabee.

You don’t want to completely restrict the debates, but there should be at least one debate exclusively for the frontrunners.


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One response to “A Better Debate

  1. Mr.Biased-
    I would disagree.

    Your candidate of choice, Governor Romney, has outraised everyone through his own money, and defferment of payments, but is still below 10% in most polls.

    How can he gain traction? He has no where to go but down.

    Huckabee has been endorsed by sitting Congressmen, a sitting Governor, and notables in Iowa, and SC.

    Don’t count anyone out yet.

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