POLL ALERT: The Last South Carolina Straw Poll

Well, we can now close the book on South Carolina Straw Polls. Lexington County held their straw poll last night, and it was the last one in the state. Romney won, McCain came in second, and Giuliani came in third. The results:

Romney – 33.4%
McCain – 14.2%
Hunter – 11.8%
Giuliani – 11.7%
Huckabee – 9.7%
Brownback – 5.7%
F Thompson – 4.8%
Gingrich – 3.4%
Cox – 3.1%
Tancredo – 0.5%
T Thompson – 0.4%
Paul – 0.4%
Gilmore – 0.1%

Romney has won a majority of the S.C. straw polls, many by a huge margin. However, the straw polls are (at least in S.C.) are now done, and it is time to spread Romney’s message of strong, dedicated, energetic Conservatism to the masses. I’m looking forward to the debate this thursday, where I believe Romney will really shine.


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