No Amnesty for Criminals

Illegal Aliens and their supporters are once again taking to the streets in some of our major cities, demanding some form of Amnesty for those who broke our laws to come here. I am totally opposed to any form of forgiveness for their crimes. We have tried Amnesty before, and it didn’t work. 20 years later, people are still flooding accross our border.

The mass legalization of as many as 20,000,000 people would be terrible for our country. Many of these people are uneducated, have no skills when it comes to english or the workplace, and many do take jobs Americans want (construction, meat packing). I also have serious questions about the loyalty of many of these people, I don’t trust that any large majority of them are more loyal to the U.S. than their home countries. I can’t forget the first marches when Mexican flags outnumbered American flags 10 to 1.


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