Now is the Time for Funding

Ok, the Democrats have had their turn in the spotlight, they passed their bill, and it has been vetoed. Now is the time to fund the troops in a bill that the President can sign. This means a bill that does not include artificial deadlines or timetables. Weather or not they supported the war when it started, the time for that discussion is long gone. Now is the time to win the war, and giving the terrorists a date for our surrender is not the way to do that.

America learned its lesson in Vietnam. You do not run wars by committee, and you do not run them according the latest Zogby Poll. We learned that abandoning allies and leaving a war early does not help our cause. 30 years after we left Vietnam, the Communists are still there, it would be the same in Iraq. We leave before the Iraq government can protect itself, we loose. Democrat or Republican, we need to find out how to win, not just end, this war.

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