The First Debate


Today is the first GOP Presidential Debate of this election season, and The ACT Blog and Right on the Right are pairing up to bring you the best post-debate coverage. Both Justin and Myself will be blogging on our sites following the debate, and my readers will have the opportunity to cast votes in favor of the candidate they believe won the debate. I will also be hosting a post-debate discussion to hear what others have to say. See below for details.

To watch the Debate:

Turn to MSNBC at 8:00 PM


To take part in the post-debate Discussion:

Send and AIM instant message to “actblog2008” requesting to be admitted to the discussion. Discussion should start between 9:00 and 9:30 PM.



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2 responses to “The First Debate

  1. The post debate discussion is now open. Send an IM to “actblog2008” to join.
    The post-debate poll will be open as soon as the debate ends.

  2. The post debate discussion is now closed. Expect an announcement on future chats and debate coverage to come out tomorrow afternoon.

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