How Did Thompson Do?

I’m not talking about Tommy, but Fred. The former Senator-turned-actor was not at the debate, but it may have an effect on him. Pro-Thompson people seem to say that he benefits from avoiding the debates, becuase people will not tire of him.

However, I disagree, for a few reasons:

  1. People will not be turned off by these debates – This was not the kind of go-for-the-throat debate that makes people discusted with the candidates. Those likely to be turned off by this early campaigning probably did not watch. Even if people don’t like the early campaigning, when it comes time to vote, they will still choose on issues and experience, things that do not give Thompson and advantage over the other candidates
  2. Thompson lost his “only conservative” motto: Those who want Thompson to run often claim that he is the “only Conservative” or that Romney, Giuliani, and McCain are all RINOs. This worked before, but Romney went on stage yesterday an proved that he is conservative. If it comes down to the fact that they are both conservative, then Romney still wins on experience.

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