Are All My Readers Zombies?

I really have to ask the questions. I’m averaging 60-120 hits a day, and my comments section has been DEAD since the debate. I know people reading my blog have opinions, so talk about them! This blog is turing into the site of the living dead!


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One response to “Are All My Readers Zombies?

  1. frofeak

    He he, sorry for the drought. I for one, rarely comment on your site, because I usually feed off of other comments and respond. And since there have been NO comments… I don’t like starting a blank comments section…but here goes, I guess.
    Has anyone seen the latest stories about FDT from the LA Times (,0,7619805.story?track=mostviewed-homepage) and Washington post ( Hat tip to evangelicalsformitt for the heads up. It seems the media is not going to wait for him to enter the race to start the criticism. If I were him, I would get in soon (if he is indeed going to get in). With Mitt gaining steam (especially recently, Whoa! (throwback to Joey Lawrence)) and his media immunity wearing off, if he doesn’t get in soon it may be too late (which, of course, i wouldn’t at all mind, since I am 100% behind mitt, but I like FDT, and he deserves a shot). Any thoughts on this?

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