Hint for Democrats: Bush Isn’t Running This Time

I’ve said it before, I don’t like to give advice to Democrats. The more they mess up, the better it is for my party and my ideals. However, the Democrats should take note that President Bush is not running for a third term. It would also do them well to remember that no one from his administration is seeking the Presidency.

The Democrats keep reverting to their fallback  of attacking the President. It was the same way they won in 2006 (well, aside from the GOP screwups). They bring forward no new ideas, they simply attack the President, and hope that people will automatically gravitate towards them. It worked in 2006 because the President was, at that time, the largest and most public face of the Republican party.

This time, however, he is going to be out of the picture. Yet, Democrats continue to act like he is the primary target, and they will be sorry for it. They are going to find themselves unable to make serious, convincing, connections between the President and any of the GOP contenders. Of the top three Republican candidates, none have worked in the Bush administration, and only one is in the Federal Government. If the Democrats end up faving Romney or Giuliani for the Presidency, they are going to be left with no ideas and only minimal links to the current administration.


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