POLL ALERT: Romney Ties in Nevada

There are some very interesting poll numbers coming out of Nevada. I picked this up thanks to the 2008 Presidential Wire, and it shows John McCain, Mitt Romney, and unannounced actor Fred Thompson in a statistical tie. McCain is in the lead at 19%, Mitt Romney is second with 15%, Fred Thompson is in third with 13%, and Rudy Giuliani trails at 12%, outside of the 6% margin of error to be considered part of the tie.

What is really interesting is that this poll was taken before the May 3rd debate, which Romney won. It is very possible that Romney will expereience a boost from the debate win , but it will be Tuesday before we know – thats when the latest Rasmussen poll is released.



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3 responses to “POLL ALERT: Romney Ties in Nevada

  1. Liz

    Hear that low rumble? It’s a comin’…

  2. Wayne

    I agree. Hide and watch, big things are to come…

  3. Expect Mitt to make a serious breakaway from the pack by end of summer.

    I suppose it’s a good thing, after all, I’d love to vote for whoever Al Sharpton attacks.

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