Bad News For Fred Thompson

Today’s poll numbers from New Hampshire are very good news for Mitt Romney, and very bad news for Giuliani and McCain. However, perhaps the news is even worse for Senator-turned-actor-turned-potential candidate Fred Thompson. Thompson, who has been out of politics for some time, has been rumored to be considering a White House bid. Many thought Thompson could take the nomination if he choose to run by taking the Conservative base vote.

However, the strong performance by Romney in the May 3rd debate went a long way in proving himself to be a Conservative. The poll numbers that showed Romney to be the winner, along with polls that show Romney increasing support among Conservatives and others alike, may have just taken the wind out of Thompson’s sails. We will see what the national polls bring, as well as the next two debates, but for right now, Thompson does not seem to be moving anyplace fast.



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2 responses to “Bad News For Fred Thompson

  1. Pedro Delgado

    Hate to tell you this. In the new Gallup poll just released, Thompson gained three points up to around 14% and Romney is in 5th. It was taken over the weekend.

    Romney is still down in the CNN poll done over the weekend too.

  2. frofeak

    National polls mean almost nothing right now. People who respond to them don’t know much about the candidates and are voting by who they (think they) know. He is a well known actor, of course people like him and think it would be cool to have him as POTUS. But people who are following the campaigns and getting to know the candidates (AKA early primary states) know better. We shall see how things unfold once Thompson enters and he is putt under the same critical scrutiny as everyone else (especially GMR). But I think it needs to be soon if he is to have a chance at all.

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