BREAKING: Giuliani Donated to Planned Parenthood

This is a major development that could have huge consequences for the Giuliani campaign. has obtained Giuliani’s tax returns that show that he donated to Planned Parenthood at least six different times. The tax information shows that Giuliani gave a $900 to the abortion-providing organization in 1993, 1994, 1998, an 1999. This is a flat out contradiction of Giuliani’s statements.

 While admitting that he supports the right of women to have abortions, he has said that he “hates abortion.” If he hates it so much, why is he giving hundreds of dollars to a huge supporter and provider of abortion? In 2005, Planned Parenthood’s own figures had them giving about 20% of all abortions in the U.S. Rudy Giuliani has either explaining or apologizing to do.

Abortion, is most cases, is murder. There have been almost 50 million abortions since Roe v. Wade, enough to equal 1/6 of the American Population. The damage to this country from abortion is too massive to even figure. When you count the number of killed, all of their offspring which will never be born (actually a little higher than the avg. American birth rate, because the most abortions are for poor and minorities, two groups that generally have more children), the billions of dollars they will never contribute to the economy, well, you get my point. Abortion is mass killing, genocide, and Rudy Giuliani is a funder of that genocide, unacceptable.

As a closing thought, I will share a joke I saw at one point:

An old man dies, and goes to Heaven. When he gets past St. Peter, he says “I want to ask God a question.” So he goes to God and says; “Lord, why did you never give us a cure for Cancer?” God looks at the man, frowns, and says, “I did, but you aborted it!”



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3 responses to “BREAKING: Giuliani Donated to Planned Parenthood

  1. Jay

    I don’t see how Giuliani could ever possibly win the GOP nomination as a pro-choice candidate. Such a move would likely split the Republican Party.

  2. mrk

    I wouldn’t call that a joke. Why is your only point the billions they will never contribute to the economy?

  3. Rudolph is simply unacceptable. The guy is a frequent donor to planned barrenhood, gets like four times the money from them that Clinton does, and wants to give them public monies for their blood industry. If a Pro-Life alternative candidate existed during a Giuliani nomination, I’d be the first to leave the GOP for that alternative candidate.

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