POLL ALERT: Romney Bump in California

Still not in the lead in California, but Romney gets a nice 5% post-debate bump in the Golden state. Once again, the poll is from Survey USA. More interesting is that Giuliani has dropped 9% since the last poll was taken. Add those numbers together, and you get a 14% Romney gain against the lead. The next debate comes on the 15th, and another strong performance (particularly if the field of debaters is smaller, as reports have indicated it will be), could give Romney another big bump.



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2 responses to “POLL ALERT: Romney Bump in California

  1. Romney certainly did well during the debate and I’ll bet most of his bump is due to that. If he can keep it up in the next debate, and most importantly, sell himself as a sincere Pro-Lifer, those numbers should stay up. I see a lot of people saying they like what he says but are not sure whether to trust him. But he looks Presidential. He’s got to convince us he’s sincere, and he’s got the time and attention to do it. Time will tell.

    Also, should he pass McCain, he should get several points in a bump as I believe many of those supporting McCain are only doing so out of aversion to Rudy and feeling he’s the most likely rival to defeat Rudy. Same with Thompson and his populism streak who now also has to answer questions about abortion.

  2. GeorgiaMom

    Hey Noonan, Why does a man who governed 100% of the time PRO LIFE have to “sell” himself as pro-life?

    No other candidate is being held to such a standard.

    Has the educational system in this country deteriorated so much that Republican voters do not know how to read the governor’s record? Can they not research what pro-life groups in Massachusetts think of and have had to say about the governor?

    This reflects badly on Republicans, not Romney.

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