Rudy is Starting to Look a Lot Like John Kerry

I think everyone remembers the flip-flops of John Kerry during the 2004 Presidential Election. In a period of a couple months, Kerry went from supporting the war, to opposing the war, to “being before the 87 million before he was against it.”

Now Rudy Giuliani has talked himself into a hole in almost the same way. This time, the issue is abortion. Giuliani started with a position that, while not popular, was respectable. He was personally pro-choice but in favor of Constitutionalist judges. For a while, it looked like the Republican party was willing to overlook Giuliani’s pro-choice stance. Giuliani should have stuck to that first position. He then went to “personally pro-life, but in favor of abortion rights”, then extending on that, saying he “hates aboriton, always has.”  Now, however, we find that he has donated to Planned Parenthood.

I’ll be nice and say the Giuliani has one more shot. He needs to fully disclose all facts related to his position on aboriton. He needs to say where he stands now, where he has stood in the past, and any donations he has made. If he does not do this, his campaign may be sunk. While Conservatives may be willing to overlook a pro-choice stand, I doubt they will tolerate a Kerry-style flip flopper.


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  1. And now Rudolph, ex mayor of Yonkers, has been revealed to be a frequent donor to the nation’s largest abortion provider, planned parenthood. He’d be a disaster as nominee.

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