Let’s Kill This Before it Gets Out of Hand

I have given Rudy Giuliani’s support for Planned Parenthood – he donated to PP numerous times, as well as honoring the orgainization and its leader. Now, this site has brought up the fact that Ann Romney once gave a $150 donation to the same organization.

Let me be clear, any donation to PP is wrong in my opinion, but I believe there are severl differences that exist. For One, the Giuliani donation was made regularly by both the candidate and his wife. To my knowledge, Mitt Romney has never given money to PP. For another, Romney has admitted that he was, at one point, pro-choice, and we can probably assume that his wife felt the same way. A donation to PP in 1994 would not be inconsistant with the views Romney held at the time. Giuliani has recently stated that he “has always hated abortion”.

I thought Romney supporters should combat this before it gets out of hand. Romney has already jumped on it, pointing out that he was pro-choice in 1994, and that he never gave a donation himself. This should be a fairly small issue, beingit does not involve the candidates himself, and that these revelations do not come with a number of conflicting, confusing positions. We will see what happens.

I want to hear commetns on this. Are the two situations different? The same? Important? Not Important?  Lets hear what you think!



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3 responses to “Let’s Kill This Before it Gets Out of Hand

  1. GeorgiaMom

    The two situations are different in that Mrs. Romney gave a small amount once and Rudy has a pattern of propping up Planned Parenthood including pronouncing “Planned Parenthood Day” in NYC.

    I used to think Planned Parenthood was about birth control and keeping youngsters from getting pregnant before they were out of school and married. If a friend asked me for a donation during that naive time I may have given to them as well.

    There is a chance Mrs. Romney may indeed be pro-choice to some degree although I heard her say she did not want embryos destroyed to cure her of her MS. (Aside I believe Laura Bush is pro-choice as well as Condi Rice).

    In the end, I think $150 (which would not even pay for a single Planned Parenthood abortion) a decade and a half ago is not a deal breaker for pro-life voters.

  2. As it is my site you linked to, I’ll throw in my $0.02. The two are obviously not the same situation. Giuliani is completely unacceptable to social conservatives and is waging an active war against social conservatives. More and more Pro-Lifers are realizing this and will continue to abandon him as they learn more about him. Romney is a Pro-Life convert and social conservatives like what he says but are concerned about his sincerity. Fair or not, that’s what makes the $150 from his wife newsworthy – because it is probative of what Romney’s true beliefs on the abortion issue are.

    You make a compelling case that we should not worry about the $150 from his wife. I would add that in addition to your evidence, Romney’s wife has since gotten involved with Pro-Life organizations. So we have good reason to believe its a completely different situation. Again, social conservatives like what he says, but they will not rest easy at night with their vision of President Romney yet because he has not convinced them.

    They are concerned what kind of justice he will put on the Supreme Court, whether he will fight against the effort by some nations to declare abortion a human right at the U.N., some wonder if he is more anti-Roe than Pro-Life, will he lead the fight to prevent the horrible practice of destroying embryos for research, take away PP’s government funding, etc. They are worried about his complaint that its easier to go from the Life side to the Choice side than vice-versa. But we are listening closely to what he says.

    What we’d like to hear from him is something more forceful. He should stand up on May 14th in South Carolina and talk about what caused his conversion to the Pro-Life side. Social conservatives love a testimonial. His careful study of the science led him to discover that human life was destroyed in embryonic stem cell research, we know. Let him talk about his empathy for unborn babies, the women who regret their abortions, the families and nation that has been torn apart by the travesty of abortion. Has he had an encounter with someone who has personally shared their story of regret from abortion or reflected upon a woman’s story of perseverance through that struggle? Has any such experience led him to embrace a culture of life? I’m sure he must have had something like that, but once he shares it with the nation, then he will no longer be questioned or called a flip-flopper. Then we will rest easy at night thinking of President Romney, donate to him, go to work for him, etc.

    That’s the banner we’re waiting to be raised by somebody. And we’re very curious whether he will be that guy. Its unfortunate people feel they need to read the tea leaves on people’s heart, but look what happened to Harriet Miers. Its just we’ve been burned by one too many a Souter, O’Connor and Kennedy, and our experience has taught us to be careful. That’s why we worry about a tangential $150 from 13 years ago, because we are wondering where his heart is. When Ronald Reagan cried speaking about his dedication to the Pro-Life cause, nobody ever questioned him again.

    He’s shared his head, but we’re waiting on his heart. We like Romney, but the sale isn’t quite complete.

  3. Noonan

    By the same token, he should not attack Brownback, Reagan, Bush, etc. as also having changed positions. While true perhaps, its not going to help him, and should Brownback drop out of the race, he will still be a very important endorsement. Brownback has earned his stripes on the Senate floor and in judiciary hearings by his fight for Life. Reagan and Bush earned their points too, but Romney could yet be the best of the lot. He just needs to define himself.

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