Rudy to Embrace Abortion

Atricle on Rudy

As much respect as I have for Giuliani because of 9/11, as much as I admire him (although I disagree with his views) for deciding to come clean on abortion, I am about ready to declare his candidacy dead.

Rudy Giuliani is going to drop his constitutionalist judges ploy and embrace abortion rights. He will also try to shift focus away from abortion. If possible, that makes it worse, because he will be running from the issue.

The great respect within the GOP for the innocent unborns is one of the largest factors that separate us from the Democrats. I cannot support any person who supports (and personally funds – repeatedly) the mass extermination of the next generation. Nor do I believe that the broader GOP can set aside this important belief and choose a pro-choice candidate to represent the party for the next eight years. I like Rudy, but his support for abortion is too much for me, and likely, the party base, to swallow.


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  1. GeorgiaMom

    Rudy is creating a lot of bad will in the Republican Party. Was that his objective?

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