Democratic Slime Attacks Romney

With Romney gaining in the polls, and maintaining his Conservative opinions, I’m not surprised that the Defeatocrats are attacking him, I’m just disapointed that have to resort to outright lies to make their “case.” Mitt Romney went on 60 Minutes a day or so ago, and was interviewed by Mike Wallace. Apart from some extremely unprofessional and inappropriate questions that I won’t go into, Romney was asked about Iraq. He said that they were mistakes made, and reaffirmed his support for the troop surge. Today, the DNC issued a press release saying that, among other things, Romney’s mention of mistakes is a flip flop. Lets take a look at  what the Democrats said:

But on Iraq, Romney has refused to offer a clear plan for the future, choosing instead to cling to the President’s failed strategy and praise his leadership. Just last week, after President Bush vetoed Democratic legislation that included a plan to change course in Iraq, Romney called the President to praise his decision. [, 5/3/07]

Now, with the American people rejecting the Bush plan and his own standing among Republican primary voters languishing in single digits in almost every national poll, Romney finally flipped on Iraq. According to media reports, Romney blasted President Bush in a 60 Minutes interview, saying that the American people are paying a price for President Bush’s mishandling of the war. [, 5/11/07]

WRONG. Romney has made statements about mistakes in Iraq before, and while he did criticize the planning in the 60 minutes interview, he did not lay blame solely on the President, nor did he stop supporting the surge. Lets look at Romney’s comments:

“I think the administration made a number of errors,” he tells Wallace. “I don’t think we were adequately prepared for what occurred. I don’t think we did enough planning. I don’t think we considered the various downsides and risks,” says Romney.

He says President Bush isn’t the only one to blame. “He’s the person where the buck stops, but it goes through the secretary of defense and the planning agencies, the Department of State — it’s the whole administration,” Romney says. “They made mistakes … and we’re paying for those mistakes.”

The president’s “surge” policy of putting additional troops into Iraq may never work, says Romney, but it deserves a chance. “We’re going to know in a matter of months if it’s working or not working.”

Emphasis mine. As you can see, Romney did say there were “errors”, but he also said what he has said in the past, that anything with a reasonable hope for success deserves a shot.

 There is no flip flop here, only Democrats trying to smear Romney. Democrats know Romney has avery good shot at winning, and they are afraid that that will ruin there opportunity to push there anti-God, anti-life, anti-American agenda.



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2 responses to “Democratic Slime Attacks Romney

  1. GeorgiaMom

    A lot of Republicans are attacking Romney’s religion as well. It has have left be disgusted and disheartened. I thought Republicans were better than this and I surely thought Christains would not be so profoundly bigoted and mean spirited.

    This is not about theology, it is about the practical matter of selecting the best CEO for this country.

  2. I was not referring to the questions about his religion, more the questions regarding extremely private matters involving him and Ann before their marriage.

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