A Challenge to Fred Thompson Supporters

I have said before that the craze surrounding Fred Tompson is getting on my nerves. Fred Thompson is allowing the media to run his campaig n for him, while failing to open himself to criticisim and the like. I will echo my call for Fred Thompson to decide, now.

So, until such time as Fred Thompson decides to run (or removes himself from the race) I have a challenge for any readers who support Fred Tompson: Tell me why Fred Thompson should win. What are his qualifications? What makes him better than the other Conservative (Mitt Romney) who is running? Why does he deserve the God-like status he is getting?

Half of what I have heard about Thompson is nothing more than call for him to run – usually lacking supporting details or evidence. I want to know, why is Fred Thompson so good?



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9 responses to “A Challenge to Fred Thompson Supporters

  1. I completely agree. I think Republicans often make decisions in primaries that dont make a whole lot of sense. There is not 1 single moderate or liberal Republican in the race. It really does get on my nerves when I hear “Thompson is a conservative, We need a conservative in the race.” Or whatever the line is. You are also correct in pointing out that My own theory of why Thompson is getting support is that he is the only candidate that the Republican “kingmakers” can support. It would awkward for conservative activists to support McCain for obvious reasons. Giuiliani is pro-choice, and Romney was a pro-choice liberal Republican in the past.

    Again this is just why I think it is happening, whether or not a Thompson candidacy makes any sense. (it doesnt)

    Thanks also for pointing out that Thompson supporters are only saying he should get in the race without giving reasons why.

  2. well, Giuliani IS a Liberal Republican, but your point is correct – there are already Conservatives running.

  3. Pedro Delgado

    Thompson can’t run until his contract with L & O is up. Also, he is likely to wait until the official 2nd quarter funds are announced so he won’t have to compete for those numbers with only half the time to raise. It makes sense.

  4. Fred Thompson (when he runs) will be running a campaign based on his solid conservative principals, not poles. Thompson’s message is based not on what he thinks people want to hear, but what he believes (there’s your Romney split).

    I think he will anounce on June 29th (the Friday before Independence Day).

    Rudy would be a great Democrat Party candidate. The day that a pro-choice, anti-gun, open border candidate is nominated by the GOP, is the day that the 3rd party becomes a practical reality.

  5. you can hardly say that Romney is running his campaign based on what people want to hear, he became openly pro-life and anti-gay marriage while heading up one of the most liberal states in the country.

    However, if you can elaborate, please do so.

  6. Pedro Delgado

    Thompson is basically an icon in the south. I don’t think anybody’s comparing qualifications. They are two different types of candidates, from two different parts of the government. People have a trust in Thompson that Romney hasn’t developed with them yet, just like Thompson probably hasn’t in the north. Thompson was also willing to stand up to both sides when he was in the Senate. He did a lot of work behind the scenes, but didn’t seek the publicity of the more outspoken candidates. Thompson did a lot of the investigative work, and was always one of the leaders on National Defense. If you look into his actual proceedings as Chairman of the Homeland Security/Government Affairs Committee, he did quite a bit, including investigations and reports on govt waste and fraud.
    He also is a folk hero in Tennessee from the time he led the investigation into Governor Blanton’s corrupt administration, which ultimately led to Blanton being put in jail.

  7. Eddie

    To Josh’s Cry for a liberal GOP Canidate I can Only ask, What do you think Ron Paul is? Can you point to one DNC Canidate that is as far from the liberal base? As far as the “Fred Question”, Matt can you not see how the base Republicans are energized by the hope of a Canidate that may, just may, stand up and not fold on his true beliefs? Fred has consitently stood for what he believes no matter the cost to him? He is also someone who already has a public persona. In other words unlike the only other hard right conservative in the race, he is electible. I think the bottom line is that we as conservatives are desperatly hoping that someone will jump in and rescue us from the medicore.

  8. Come join the troops and show your support at the Fred Thompson Forum. We need supporters at the new site. http://fredthompsonforum.com

  9. john

    you want to know why I’m voting for Thompson? Hes not a liberal republican. He wants none of that amnesty crap (they’re called ILLEGAL immigrants for a reason). He wants death to terrorists, not to be like some hippy and hold hands while they live with their religion of peace that included in it that they kill us. Finally I think he can bring death to the liberals that are killing this great country. Liberals are guilty of treason. We should hang’em high!

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