Romney’s National Security Credentials

Everyone Knows about Rudy Giuliani is a national security star, the hero of 9/11, America’s mayor, but how many people know of Mitt Romney’s list of national security credentials? National Security is essentially what Giuliani has staked his entire campaign to, while Romney has not had a heavy focus on national security, although, by looking at his record, I think he might want to consider bringing it up more often.

Though he never led the country through a major tragedy (he was not Governor at the time of 9/11), Romney has an extensive Resumé:

-Co-chaired the National Governor’s Association Homeland Security Council

-Member of the Department of Homeland Security’s Advisory Council

-Chaired the DHS’s State and Local Officials Senior Advisory Committee

-Chaired the DHS’s Homeland Security Funding Task Force

-The Boston Globe and Boston Herald both reported in 2004 that Romney was being considered as the next Secretary of Homeland Security

-Led the SLC Olympics and instituted and oversaw a massive security mobilization plan that kept the games safe 3 months after 9/11

-Testified before Congress on at least three occasions about homeland security related issues.

-Under Romney’s direction, MA became one of only 10 states in the country to receive the highest grade possible for disaster preparedness.

-He led MA through the worst flooding in the state in the last 70 years or more, drawing rave reviews from local and national press.

-The CDC has praised and held up Romney’s plan in MA for the Avian Flu as a model for other states to draw off of.

This list brings up another important point about national security – its not all terrorism related. While terrorism is an important part, there are other threats. Although we don’t usually think of things like Hurricane Katrina and the Avian Flu as national security matters, they are important – and need to be dealt with.

The article also mentions that Romney was on the shortlist to be the Secretary of Homeland Security – an impressive accomplishment, and one I don’t think I ever heard about Rudy.

It might not be a stretch to say that Romney is just as, if not more, qualified than Giuliani when it comes to national security.

Linked at: Elect Romney in 2008


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