May 15th Debate Wrap Up

I was at a Romney party until 11:00 PM last night, and was too tired to post about the debate by the time I got home. In any case, I wanted some time to think about my rankings, more on that later. I am now ready to once again declare Mitt Romney the winner of the debate. While it was not the clear-cut, break out win that he had in the first debate, he did come out on top, and the FOX poll agrees. Here is some more advanced analysis:


1) Mitt Romney – Although his win was not as big as in the first debate, Romney did extremely well. He came out as clear and decisive almost all issues. There were no questions that he failed to answer, and no questions that he dodged, although there were a couple questions where I think he could have been clearer. I particularly liked Romney’s line about focusing more on preventing attacks rather than simply talking about how to respond to them. I’m disappointed that Romney was not allowed the 30 seconds he requested to respond to Ron Paul, but he did well on all issues nonetheless.

2) Duncan Hunter – While Duncan Hunter is not going to be the nominee, he did do very well. He showed himself to be a strong Conservative and a good candidate. Easily a person I could support if something happened to the Romney Campaign. His reference to his son in the military was a good line, and it could get him some more support among military families.

3) Rudy Giuliani – Giuliani is really more of a half-winner. The one reason that I put him into my winners column is because of his confrontation with Ron Paul. Other than that, he is really only treading water.


1) Ron Paul – Ron Paul made an idiot out of himself. He came across as more of a liberal isolation who tries to justify terrorist actions than anything. Any candidacy he did have is now over. Ron Paul needs to drop out and endorse another candidate. Isolationism is not the answer, and niether is taking the advise of terrorists.

2) John McCain – While not an overly bad performance, John McCain still has yet to pull of the major performance he needs to save his candidacy. With Rudy Giuliani falling in the polls and Romney increasing name recognition and support, John McCain needs to pull something off before his candidacy dies.

3) Fred Thompson – Romney is doing very well, and increasing support in states even with Thompson in the polls. Unless Thompson enters soon, he may not be able to overtake Romney. The better Romney does, the smaller the niche for Thompson has to fill.


Because this debate was much closer than the other debate, I have done my ranking systems in more of a “tier” system:

1) Mitt Romney

2) John McCain
     Rudy Giuliani

3) Sam Brownback
     Duncan Hunter

4) Tommy Thompson
     Tom Tancredo
     Jim Gilmore
     Mike Huckabee

5) Ron Paul

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One response to “May 15th Debate Wrap Up

  1. Pedro Delgado

    I happen to agree that on substance, Giuliani was not the best. However, in the eyes of the mainstream media, the victory was his. I am impartial at this point and open to a number of candidacies. The Fox Poll you mention is hardly any indication of victory, considering that it’s already been discredited by Ron Paul’s fanatic supporters.
    My thoughts are that Romney did well, but not great. He had some solid answers, but got burned in the soundbytes by McCain’s rebuttals. He also has a tendency to talk over people’s heads. He needs to work on talking ‘to the public’ instead of ‘at or over their heads.’ He should simplify his answers and slow down his delivery to get his points across more clearly. He was better than McCain, but neither really helped themselves.

    You missed two small points. I’m from the south, and have an ear to the reactions from around. First, you forgot to mention Huckabee. I don’t think he has a realistic chance at the nomination, but he might have come away with the most from the debate. He’s a big government, fiscally weak candidate, but he grabbed peoples attention with his oratory skills.
    Second, it looks like Thompson also came away with momentum. As much as some hate to admit it, his rebuttal of Michael Moore got an enormous amount of airplay, and the evangelical right is quietly lining up to support his candidacy. He spoke at the Council for National Policy last weekend, which is probably the most powerful conservative group in the country, and really did well. He is clearly going to be a force to be reckoned with.

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