“Sign Up America” Attracts 30,000 New Romney Supporters

The goal of Mitt Romney’s Sign Up America push was to get 24,000 Romney supporters in 24 hours. As it turns out, they did much better – attracting more the 30,000 new supporters. I don’t know how much money the campaign raised, I’ll let you know when I find out. Great news and more momentum for the Romney campaign.



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4 responses to ““Sign Up America” Attracts 30,000 New Romney Supporters

  1. Stephanie Pearson

    I am 36 and I have never been this excited about a candidate – ever. This isn’t to say that I agree with him on every issue bc I emphatically do not on just a few. However, he does strike a strident key with me on most issues. For instance, I work in Industry yet I have to deal with the government bureaucracy so much that it impedes most of my productive work. In the last year I have become exceedingly disgusted with “government types” and feel they are becoming ever more Natzi in their sinecure and safe lofty positions all the while making us “industry types” sell our souls, livelihood and peace-of-mind for even a morsel of work. The word hatred comes to mind.

    I am also sick of Washington, and I can’t tell you how excited I get when I hear Mr. Romney disparage the entire Capitol Hill when campaigning.

    I didn’t know anything about him until one day, being sick of the government types to the point of almost quitting, I decided to call in sick and just happened to surf over some political news in which I was seldomly interested bc all of the political candidates that I knew of at that point made me want to just go to the beach and forget about life. Well what to my wandering and weary eyes should appear? Would it be Mitt Romney on a campaign for Iowa? A candidate I could finally identify with in many areas. I couldn’t believe it. I spent the rest of the day researching him as if it were an addiction.

    Other reasons I like him:
    -He seems to have a healthy disrespect for the media in this country
    -He seems charismatic, strong, intelligent and very eloquent unlike the Incumbent.
    -I think he has a chance against Clinton, unlike McCain
    -He seems to have a moral basis unlike Obama, who admitted to using Cocaine – and Obama after all wants to be a Commander in Chief of a military where if you admit to using illegal drugs you may get a position with no security clearance such as a KP career – how can our soldiers respect him?
    -He has a plan, a business plan, for the healthcare debacle in this country
    -He wants to reform education
    -He wants to protect our borders – so he says
    -He seems like a leader I can respect. In a way, I kind of like the fact that you really don’t know where he stands on some issues and that he has changed positions. I think it could be an asset in that our enemies would not as likely be able to guage him. I think he has to switch positions to win the Presidency. In a way, I think it makes him a more formidable leader, someone whom our enemies (the ones trying to take us down from the inside) might fear.

    -I think he will make a strong Commander and Chief

    I would write more but I have got to go, but he has my vote!

  2. C Yuen

    We need to get Mitt some endorsements. We need to keep getting McCain mad…cause he is all over the place when he is mad. Mitt completely dominated the debate last night.

  3. Christine Giantsos

    I had a dream last night that on CNN they came on with a special report : We interupt this program to give you this special report. GOD has announced that he is endorsing Mitt Romney! I think that is awesome it would make a great rally banner! I think Romney is getting such a raw deal. If you look at the news you would think McCain was already President ! There is hardly any mention of Romney. The Washington crowd are supporting McCain and endorsing him because he will be their puppet. He’s probably promised all of them favors. It’s a disgrace !!!

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