Tancredo for “Secretary of Immigration”

Of all the things we have departments and secretaries for, Immigration is not one of them. For one of the most important issues in this country today, the issue that has drawn millions of people to rallies on both sides of the issue, there is not a designated cabinet position. Immigration is a tangled mess, and cannot be honestly fit into any other department. You can shove it into DHS and pretend that it works, but INS, ICE, and the other immigrant-related agencies are important and vital to our country, and they deserve a department of their own. That’s why I am proposing that the next President (hopefully Romney) create a new cabinet position, and a secretary to go with it. We have secretaries and departments for Defense, the Treasury, Homeland Security, Education, Health and Human Services, Transportation, but nothing for Immigration. We need an Immigration department and I think Tom Tancredo would make an ideal first secretary. He is strong on immigration and does not support amnesty – exactly the kind of person we need on this issue.


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