It Looks Like Thompson Will Enter

Until now, I have been doubtful about  Fred Thompson entering the Presidential race. Now, it seems like he will enter in July. To be totally honest, I am not as concerned about Fred Thompson as I was when he first talked about running. I just don’t see Thompson being able to stop Mitt Romney’s momentum, and I don’t see (and the polls agree) that Thompson will take supporters from Mitt. Romney has been increasing support while McCain and Thompson have been treading water, and Giuliani has been slipping.

Thompson is not a hard campaigner, and he does not like grit and strain of political campaigns. He will also miss out on the last debate before September (which is in NH on June 5th), making it harder for him to attract new supporters. Overall, I think things will start to come out on Thompson, not so much scandal, as much as his reputation as lazy. Overall, I think Thompson is more of a leech on Giuliani and, particularly, McCain.



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5 responses to “It Looks Like Thompson Will Enter

  1. Theopolis

    Actually, Thompson might be the biggest threat. It looks like South Carolina will keep moving up its date, and that will hurt momentum gained in Iowa and NH. Romney hasn’t been able to break single digits there, and though one poll in FL was high, the rest haven’t been. If you compare the three latest Iowa polls, one has Romney at 30, one has him at 16, and one has him at 17. The one at 30% was done without Thompson being included. McCain is likely to endorse Thompson if he falls (it’s very unlikely he’d support Romney, or even push his supporters anywhere near him) and Thompson will recieve a significant bump from his announcement.

  2. Just keep on telling yourself and others that Fred Thompson is lazy. Mitt will not beat out Fred. See my analysis “Decision Process for Presidential Election” at


  3. frofeak

    that was a pretty poor analysis, Mertens. But I agree, notwithstanding his laziness, he still seems to garners support without stepping foot on the ground. people are unhappy with the presidential field because the media tells them they are. You don’t think Romney would be strong on Life, Guns, or Immigration (but thompson, McCain’s best friend, is?) because the media tells you this. Maybe? Look at his record and the context of his actions. Fred Thompson is good at checking the right boxes, though

  4. GeorgiaMom

    Political postering at its best. Fred Thompson has been seen with Mitt Romney’s staff. This is a presidential ticket in the making and that is why Fred is waiting as long as possible to enter. Mark my words, the Republican ticket will have the names Romney and Thompson

  5. frofreak

    I think FDT would love a vice president spot on a Romney for president ticket. A winning ticket, without all the hard campaigning, gets him into the whitehouse. I don’t know what good it would do, though. Unless he really shows his competence while VP, he will be too old in 2016 to be elected, IMO.

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