Uninformed Voters

Unfortunately, I will fall just under a year short of being old enough to vote in the 2008 Presidential Election (beleive me, I am not happy about this). Today, I had the chance to ask one of my friends who does not have this problem who he was planning to vote for. The ensuing conversation was interesting.

Before I tell you who he is planning to vote for, I should say that my friend is, at least as far as I can tell, a Conservative – at the very least, he is a pro-war moderate. So, who do you think he supports? Giuliani? McCain? Romney? No, no, and no. As it turn out, he is planning on voting for “the black guy”, immediately after saying this, he ask me “there is a black guy running, isn’t there?” I should probably make it clear that my friend is white, just in case anyone jumps to the assumption that it is strictly race-related, but what is the draw of Obama that would make a pro-defense voter ignore his extremely liberal position on the war and support him over a candidate like Romney or Giuliani?



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3 responses to “Uninformed Voters

  1. frofeak

    I guess I never read your bio, I had no idea how young you were. Bravo for all the insight and hard work! I was nowhere near as politically savvy at that age. Props.

  2. Endos127

    You’re not old enough to vote? I hope this doesn’t sound condescending but upon reading your blog, it has occurred to me that you might not know what a true conservative is.

    There was a time when republicans were considered the anti-war party, who were primarily concerned with domestic issues, limiting federal bureaucracy, preserving the constitution, and keeping the market free. What is considered conservative by modern mainstream media standards (and when I say mainstream media, I also mean media conglomerate Clear Channel’s talk radio stations) are pro-war, pro-intervention, big government in the name of security, holding no regard for the constitution, and regulating the market to give select media corporations billions of dollars worth of free broadcasting rights to FM and AM frequencies while the other companies have to pay.

    Upon watching the second debate, does it make you feel safer knowing you will have a president who will publicly wipe his behind with the bill of rights, promising to double Guantanamo, a holding cell for goat herders? President Bush, in 2000, campaigned on a policy of no nation-building, and strict constitutionally conservative government. What happened to this? I know you probably think the answer is “9/11” – but America was attacked on 9/11/01 because of the nation building we had already engaged in under Clinton and his predecessors. Osama bin Laden, in 1998, said it’s okay to kill Americans because of our military presence in Saudi Arabia, and our long-standing sanctions on Muslim nations, such as Iraq. Bush was reelected in 2004 simply because the people knew what they were getting with him, since there was no real issue the two differed on; you have to admit that at some point in time, John Kerry’s views were the same as George W. Bush’s.

    What I’m getting to in all of this is it’s important to analyze factual data that has least been a subject to someone else’s analysis, and to take it all in. Maybe I missed it, but I have yet to see a post by you that details why it is beneficial to elect Romney over any of the other candidates. It’s good that you’re politically active at an early age but it’s important that you have a logical rationale to back up your positions, without it, by definition, your views are emotional associations via operant conditioning from the media.

  3. GeorgiaMom

    Imagine all the good Ron Paul supporters could do if they just stepped away from the computer long enough to contribute to society. Right, Endos127?

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