Romney Doing Well in South Carolina

There is a new poll out in South Carolina, and, like many other recent polls, has revealed good news for Mitt Romney. Lets take a look (graphic mine):

Now, besides the fact that he is only 8% behind Giuliani, I want to point out that he pulls twice the support of Fred Thompson. While this makes sense, seeing as Thompson is not yet running, the state where the poll was taken says a lot. South Carolina is a hugely Conservative Christian State, and for Romney to be polling this well, particularly with another non-Mormon Conservative in the race, could finally lay to rest the “Romney can’t win the South” nonsense.



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2 responses to “Romney Doing Well in South Carolina

  1. Garon Hazelup

    Look at Ashcroft vs Gonzalez. Look at how Roberts and Alito lied to get confirmed. Whose values are more American, a Mormon’s or a Catholic’s?

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