John McCain is Flat Wrong on Immigration

John McCain keeps running to the left on immigration, joining the ranks of the liberal Democrats, proponents of the reconquista, and extremist Latino groups who have no respect for American values, language, or culture in calling for Amnesty for illegal aliens. Those groups cannot be trusted to responsibly deal with immigration – and neither can John McCain.

You look at the rhetoric coming out of McCain, and you could easily place it in the mouth of a liberal like Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton. He has called candidates like Romney “panderers” – because they oppose Amnesty. He has compared America to France, saying there will be riots if there is not amnesty (interestingly enough, France just voted down amnesty). He wraps up this combination of absurd and extreme statements by saying that illegal immigrants deserve legalization because “Latino aliens share our values.”

On that last point, I disagree. The most important value of our culture is respect for the rule of law. Without the rule of law, you have no freedom, no democracy, and no culture. By simply entering this country illegally, they have proved that DO NOT share our values.


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