Fred Thompson Pulls a Rudy

Fred Thompson is not in the debate, but he landed a spot on FOX News – where he may have just made an extremely damaging mistake. Fred Thompson, when running for Senator, apparently checked the box that said “I believe abortion should always be legal in the first three months.” Hannity asked him if he accidentally checked the wrong box. Thompson replied that he did not remember the form or who filled it out. He then made his mistake, saying that he has always been against abortion. Yet, in 1994, he made statements that appear to catch him in a doublespeak. Refer to this post to see the statements.

As I say in the other post, I don’t think it should be held against him (the same way I feel about Romney) – but he has to be held accountable, just like other candidates.



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4 responses to “Fred Thompson Pulls a Rudy

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I linked you to my post on the debate…

  2. GeorgiaMom

    Republicans like candidates of personal responsibility. He is responsible for what is on that form and if he had someone else fill it out that says something very negative about him.

  3. frofreak

    I don’t know what is common practice for US senators in regards to having forms filled out by staffers, I won’t hold it against him that he engaged in the practice. I only want to see him take responsibility for what he has said in the past, and for his staffers. If one of them filled it out at his orders, it is his responsibility to answer questions regarding said form. He has also made other statements that were pro-choice in nature, but now says he has always been pro-life, never pro-choice. I would like him simply to take responsibility for previously held positions, and be absolutely clear as to why they have changed. We need greater accountability in our elected officials, especially those who mean to hold the highest office in the land, arguably the world.

  4. GeorgiaMom

    froFreak — He was running for Senate at the time. But why would a man let someone else fill out form designed to state in what he believes? I am not a Senator and I would never think of doing that.

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