Post Debate Wrap-Up

Well, the third Republican Debate is over, and Romney did well, extremely well. He got plenty of applause, although I think he was largely ignored for the first 20 minutes of the debate. Like the last debate, Romney did not steamroll all of the other candidates – but did extremely well in batting down criticism, taking the high road over McCain, and showing himself as a reformer and Conservative leader. It seems that Romney is trying out a new line, declaring more than once that “The Republican Party is the party of the 21st. century.” While he did not get much applause off of this line, it could help him on the campaign trail. It is a very Reaganesque line, moving forward, looking ahead, putting people back to work, seeking solutions, not backing down from challenges. Romney is doing extremely well in these debates, speaking honestly, comfortable in the face of criticism. So, the final rankings:

1) Mitt Romney = A- (8.5)
2) Rudy Giuliani = B+ (8.0)
3) John McCain = C+ (7.0)

 I am not going to dive into the confusing world of ranking the others, except to say that Ron Paul once again made an idiot out of himself.



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4 responses to “Post Debate Wrap-Up

  1. Rich

    Romney’s answer about changing his mind on Roe vs. Wade due to studying Stem Cell research was ludicrous. Roe v. Wade had gone too far, because we are looking into studying embryonic stem cells? That’s stupid.

    Let’s hope that at least one of these two parties is the party of the 21st Century; looking forward, seeking solutions. It’s a good line, but it doesn’t mean shit until it happens. And I don’t see any good reasoning behind saying that the Republican party will be that party. Granted the Democrats are even worse, that doesn’t make the other the party of the 21st century. But if they keep up spending and a foreign policy like this, we’re going to go bankrupt before they can put people back to work.

    “except to say that Ron Paul once again made an idiot out of himself.” How? As far as I could tell, he was well reasoned with every answer he gave, and factually correct.

  2. no, you’re right Matt. Ron Paul is a looney.

  3. tommyd4

    Hold up. Romney won? Take your blinders off. I watched the debate with no horse in the race, and Romney was solid for the first half, but suffered terribly in the second part. Part of it was the questions weren’t exactly fair, but he stumbled.

  4. I not the only one who says Romney won, just watch FOX, Romney won

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