William Jefferson Corruption Update

Its been three days since Democratic Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson was indicted on 16 different charges. So far, Republicans have started a movement to expel him while only a handful of Democrats have issued condemnation of Jefferson. He remains a working member of Congress (excuse the oxymoron), and appears to want to fight the charges.

I hate corrupt politicians – no matter what party they belong to. That said, our laws say “innocent until proven guilty” – and, if Jefferson really wants to remain a Congressmen, and drag himself and his party into what is sure to be a very public and embarrassing trial, that is his right. I think Jefferson is corrupt, I think that the Democratic Party’s smoke and mirrors effort to hide their own corruption is extremely hypocritical, but I think the the GOP should drop its expulsion effort. At this point, I want him to either resign or be forced out by his own party. I think the Republicans should introduce a resolution to condemn Jefferson, and call for an internal investigation to make sure there are no other elected representatives involved, but I think they should allow Jefferson to stay, at least until he is convicted. We cannot become Democrats, we must allow the law to follow its natural course, and that means no expulsion until we know he is guilty of a crime.


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